The Most Popular Kashan Attractions

Getting To Know Kashan

Getting To Know Kashan

2019/10/16   Mahdie Rezaee

Kashan is one of the most popular and famous cities of the Isfahan province and is one of the most popular and amazing cities for tourists with lots of interesting historic and natural attractions. Due to the huge range of attractions and sightseeings Kashan is a very valuable tourism-oriented city of Iran. Kashan enjoys great mild weather and a long and great history in which by its every historic attraction you will get to know part of this great city history and culture. People here are very welcoming and kind and love to help tourists get to know the city better and fully enjoy their travel. If you have a plan or are traveling Iran as your international journey then one of those cities that you should visit without any doubt is Kashan. Full of glorious and magnificent attractions Kashan is another famous city of Isfahan province located strategically at the center of Iran. Usually, spring, fall, and winter are the best time to explore Kashan although in summer Kashan has nice sunny weather too. So if you love sun then exploring this city inside summer is going to be your favorite option too. In this article, we will get to know the most popular and famous Kashan attractions which as a traveler you should get to know and visit them. 

Kashan Fin Garden: 


One of the most famous historic gardens of Iran which belong to the Safavi era is Kashan Fin garden. This beautiful and amazing garden has been situated in the southwest part of the city and id 9 km away from the center of the Kashan city has been located at the end of Amir Kabir Street. This garden with i5s bathroom which is one of the most important historic attractions of the Islamic era with the area of 23000 km has been located 2km away from Silk historic hill and is one of the most famous and popular attractions of Iran and Kashan. This is an internationally registered garden inside UNESCO and is one of the most important Iran gardens; also this is a very important garden from the view of gardening and watering. 


Soltan Amir Ahmad Historic Bathroom: 


One of the most famous and glorious Iranian historic bathrooms with the area of 1102 meters is Solran Amir Ahmad bathroom which has been located at Soltan Amir Ahmad neighborhood at Alavi street inside Kashan. This bathroom belongs to the Saljooghian era and because it's near Amir Ahamad imam son tomb people have given this name to this amazing historic bathroom. This bathroom is famous for its great blue tiling and has been rebuilt some time and now is one of the most popular historic attractions of Kashan which is free for the public. Also, this bathroom has one of the most beautiful domes of all over Iran. So here you will enjoy great architecture and design and get to know better Iranian architecture and history. 


Tabatabaei Historic House: 


An old building inside the old part of the Kashan city has been located in Tabatabaei's house with an area of 4700 meters at Alavi street. This great house with glorious design and luxury decoration has been built by Tabatabaei one of the famous businessmen of the Qajar era at Soltan Ahmad neighborhood and has been his own personal home. This house is famous for being the bride of Iranian houses and enjoys great architecture, gardening, and Iranian famous design and decoration.



Kashan Silk Hill: 


The first Iran city civilization at 3 km away from the southwest of Kashan with over 8000 years of history. This old historic hill has two parts north and south hill which has been built by clay and soil and mud and is 600 meters away from each other. This hill has been located in front of the A and B tombs belong to before history human. This hill has been a traditional praying place and is one of the most important and valued Iran and Kashan historic attractions. 


Soleimanieh Fountain: 


At 6 km away from the Kashan center, at the southeast of the Fin garden has been located a beautiful fountain known as Soleimanieh fountain. This fountain with 12 stone glasses of water and 14 hole glasses of water is one of the Kashan cisterns and boils from a cleef mountain known as Dandaneh from the heart of the Earth and supplies warm water of Fin garden. In the past, people believed this fountain is one of the Soleiman prophet miracles and that's why it has given this name to this amazing mountain. This is not good water to drink due to its minerals. 



Nosh Abad UnderGround City: 


At seven kilometers of the north of the Kashan city and three-kilo meters of Aran and Bidgol city has been located Nosh Abad area. At 1383 the underground city of Nosh Abad discovered. This is the biggest hand-made underground city of the World that belongs to the Sasanian era and has 1500 years of history. This underground city has been built in 2 hectares area and on three floors has been situated 4 to 18 meters below ground and has been used as a shelter. 


Kashan Historic Bazaar:


The eye-catching and historic complex of Kashan historic bazaar is one of the longest, biggest and most beautiful bazaars of Iran. This glorious bazaar has been stretched from west to east of the city and has been located from BaBa Afzal street and Kamal Almalk square to Darvazeh Dolat. Kashan historic bazaar has a 2600 square meters area and has a history of the Saljooghian era. Here you will find all different types of traditional industries and great gifts and souvenir to shop as your Kashan journey so here you will enjoy great architecture while enjoying amazing shipping as a souvenir. 


Kashan Fin Bathroom: 


In the south of the Fin, the garden complex has been located two big and small bathrooms. And one is the Fin bathroom which is one of the most famous and popular Kashan and Iran attractions belong to the Qajar era. This bathroom is famous for having amazing design and decoration also the small bathroom belongs to the Safavi era. This Fin bathroom is famous for killing Amir Kabir and has a very valuable historic value. 


Niasar Historic Complex: 


Historic complex of Niasar city consists of Sasani fireplace, Iskandarieh fountain, waterfall and hall of Niasar has 650 meters height and 45 walls located 20 km away from the west of the Kashan. This is one of the most historic and exciting attractions of Kashan. 


Abyaneh Town: 


The famous and amazing town of Abyaneh has been located 80 km away from Kashan city center and with a height of 2222 meters from sea level is one of the highest living places of Iran. This magnificent town is famous for its beautiful design and architecture and has a union structure with houses with red and flat roofs. From Hakhmashian to Qajar you can see the amazing history of Iran by looking at this breathtaking and enjoyable town.


The Bottom Line: 


Kashan is one of the most historic and amazing cities of Iran full of great and valuable historic and natural attractions ready to be fully explored by all national and international travelers. With kind people and pleasant weather Kashan is a must-visit destination on your Iran journey. 



2019/10/16   Mahdie Rezaee

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