The most popular Yazd attractions

Getting To Know Yazd and the Most Popular Yazd Attractions

Getting To Know Yazd and the Most Popular Yazd Attractions

2019/09/16   Mahdie Rezaee

Yazd is one of the most historic and oldest cities of Iran and World. This is the oldest clay city of Iran and the second oldest clay city of the World. Due to its lots of historic and mud attractions and sightseeings, this city has been registered as an international city. Yazd is famous for its great deflectors and aqueduct. When you travel Yazd you actually have traveled to history in which you can see history at every corner of this old and glorious city. Yazd is a must travel city for any international traveler love great and historic attractions and discovering history within a city. Yazd has been located at the center of the desert that's why has a dry weather and atmosphere and from ancient time Iranian used science as deflectors and aqueduct to make the city weather cool and mild and keep and best use the freshwater all the time , also using clay and mud with special design and architecture the homes and buildings here enjoy a cool weather and nice usage of sun. Yazd is a famous Iranian historic city at the heart of the desert in which offers lots of great natural and historic attractions for all national and international travelers who love to explore this magnificent city. 

Yazd Great Mosque: 


Yazd great mosque is one of the greatest masterpieces of Iranian architecture. At the heart of the desert at Yazd city, this amazing building shows a great and enjoyable architecture in which attracts lots of national and international travelers to itself. This mosque has been built for 100 years and in three periods. This mosque enjoys great tiling, beautiful design, and architecture. If you love enjoying a great design and architecture and getting to know better the Iranian amazing architecture at the heart of the desert then this attraction is going to be your perfect spot. Be sure to visit Yazd great mosque when you travel the historic and beautiful historic city of Yazd as part of your Iran journey. 


Vaghtolsaat Square: 


One of the other great attractions of Yazd is Vaghtolsaat square. Inside this square has been built the oldest and one of the oldest time towers of Iran and the World. This is the first Iran city time. The building of this time tower refers to the Qajar era and is designed and decorated with beautiful tiling and architecture. This time tower has been built by Abubakr one of the greatest time builders of the Yazd and is one of the most popular and valued of Yazd attractions. 



Amir Chakhmagh Square: 


One of the icons and the most famous attractions in the city is Amir Chakhmagh square. In this square, there is a complex of great buildings and attractions very historic and valuable. One of the most important attractions of this complex is a place with tall minarets which has saved as the noblest part of the city. The history of this square goes back to the 9th century and the Ah and Teymorian government. This square has been built by a person with this name. Also this an important place for Yazd people gatherings. 



Dolat Abad Garden:


Dolat Abad garden is one of the nine Iranian international gardens and is one of the World famous Yazd attractions. The mansion of this garden has the tallest deflectors of the World and has a very valuable and great design and architecture. This is one of the most beautiful and amazing gardens of the country with 260 years of history and an area of 6.4 hectares. When you enter this garden you will not feel you are inside a desert but you are inside heaven full of life, trees, and beautiful flowers. So if you love to enjoy an amazing nature full of great flowers with glorious architecture and design then Dolat Abad garden is waiting for you to be discovered. 



Lariha House: 

Yazd is full of awesome and amazing attractions in which you must take time to visit and enjoy one by one. One of the other great historic attractions of Yazd is the Lariha house which has 150 years history. Around 270 years before Lariha migrated from Isfahan to Yazd and built this house to live inside it. This enjoys great design and decoration from nice plaster to wood crafting and mirroring and is a must-visit the house for any adventurous and beauty lover traveler. 



Six Deflectors Cistern: 


This is the World only six deflectors cistern. This is the name if this cistern from 170 Yazd cisterns which has been but 180 years ago at the Qajar era. This building has been built in eight hexagons and the reason is its weather and ecosystem. This is one of the biggest cisterns of the city with a capacity of over 2000 cube meters. If you love to see one of the best and most beautiful deflectors of the World with huge capacity and unique architecture then Six Deflectors Cistern is a great place to discover Yazd people lifestyle over the history and this type of architecture and lifestyle has helped Yazd people live a great life at the heart of the desert. 


Iskandar Prison Or Ziyaeieh School: 


This a building with two different names which show two purposes of this valuable building. This building has been built in the 7th century of Ah. Sometimes this place has been a school for gatherings of time scientists and great people and their discussion and some time has been a prison. This great historic attraction is away from the center of the Yazd city and clearly shows a great history of Yazd over a long period of time. 



Market Square: 


Markar square is famous with a big clock at the center of it. Ferdowsi clock is a big city clock that has been located at the Narkar square and has been situated around other Markar complexes. These buildings have been built by a private person and have been offered to the public. 



Malek Tojar House: 


This is one of the most beautiful houses of the Yazd with 150 years' history is Malek Tojar's house. Belonged to Haj Ali Akbar Shirazi one of the greatest businessmen of the time which Malek Tojar title given to him at Naser Aldin Shah due to his great ob at business. This house has a very beautiful design and decoration and is a valuable attraction of the Yazd. It has many rooms with great d artistic paintings on its walls and ceilings. 


These days this house has turned into a great luxury hotel and has become the World first clay hotel. 



Khan Bazaar And Bathroom: 


One of the best and most glorious attractions of the Yazd is Khan bazaar and bathroom. This eye-catching com0lex has been built at the Naser Aldin Shah Qajar era and is one of the longest and biggest bazaars of Yazd. This bazaar has been built from mud and clay and has a lot of great assets to offer to all its visitors. 


Khamooshan Tower: 


One of the interesting attractions of Yazd city is Khamooshan tower which has been located on top of a mountain. This has been a praying place for Zoroastrians. This has been a place where Zoroastrians put deads to be eaten by birds and animals. 


The Bottom Line: 


Yazd is a great historic city full built with clay and mud and a nice unique architecture with lots of deflectors and aqueducts. Here you will find a live history a city with a long period of history which has lots of attractions and sightseeings. This city has been situated at the heart of the desert and with its unique architecture has amazing weather and atmosphere. Here you will find fresh beautiful gardens and amazingly designed houses and mansions. Yazd is one of the World's historic cities and its clay and mud is World famous. If you love history, great and smart people, beautiful gardens and enjoy Iranian amazing architecture then Yazd is your heaven and your top priority city to visit and take great photos and souvenir with yourself as your Iran journey. Yazd has lots of attractions in which are countless and you should visit yourself to believe so by this introduction we hope to get to know Yazd better and better prepared to fully discover this magnificent city of Iran. 




2019/09/16   Mahdie Rezaee

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