The best and most popular Shiraz attractions

Getting To Know Shiraz And The Most Popular Shiraz Attractions

Getting To Know Shiraz And The Most Popular Shiraz Attractions

2019/09/15   Mahdie Rezaee


Shiraz is one of the most popular and beautiful cities in Iran. One of the most historic and nice cities to travel and visit. Shiraz is the famous capital of the great Persian empire and is full of natural and historic attractions. This city has very enjoyable and pleasant weather and its people are Worldwide famous for being warm and welcoming. Great people have been born and died here and this city has seen a long and great history of Iran with all of its ups and downs. Once Shiraz has been the most powerful city of the World as a great Persian empire and has been the center of the World some time. As long as its great history and amazing culture, Shiraz is full of great ancient, historic, and natural sightseeing and attractions. In this article we will get to know the best and most popular and attractive Shiraz attractions and sightseeings which is a must to see and enjoy as an international traveler , so first of all be sure to visit amazing and glorious city of Shiraz and secondly visit all of its great historic , ancient , cultural , and natural attractions. So let's get to know all the amazing Shiraz attractions together. 



Hafez Tomb: 


Among all great and colorful attractions of Shiraz, Hafez's tomb complex has been located in the north of the Shiraz. Hafez is one of the greatest poets of Iran and World and is one of the most famous World historic poets, famous for its beautiful and amazingly enjoyable poetry. 

Hafez has been born in the year 727 and has been died in the year 792 at the age of 59 years old. Hafezieh designer is a French architect Andrea Gedar. Gear is one of the most famous and greatest astrologists of the World which has a great interest in Iran history and culture and has done many great services for Iran history and culture. 

Hafezieh complex has a two-hectare area and totally has been designed from two parts of north and south which have been taken apart with each other by a forum called middle porch or forum and with two rows of stone stairs. Four doors provide enter and exit facilities for visitors. The main door is located at the south of the complex, dorn big and small doors are located west of the complex and one door at the northeast opens to a greenhouse. 

Hafezieh has been built in a way in which every corner of it has a story to say and has been put a World of signs within itself. 

Hafez Tomb has been situated at one of the most crowded and busiest streets of Shiraz and the sign of the tomb is not known from the street. This street is a sign of bondage in our modern and industrialized World. 

South part of Hafezieh is a sign of materialism and every step we closer to the tomb we free from materialism and get near to moral thoughts and emotions. 

The north of the tomb is a sign of heaven. This door has eight enter and exit doors. The tomb has eight stone pillars which have been created at the Mozafarian era. Number eight actually shows the century of Hafez which he lived inside this century. 

The outer part of the dome is a sign of sky. And the tomb totally is a sign of sun. Inside the dome, there are different colors with great signs. 

Blue: heaven sign.

Red: starting night sign.

Black and white: a sign of night and morning.

Brown: a sign of soil. 

Saadi Tomb: 


Saadi Tomb known as Saadieh is the tomb of the great Persian poet of Saadi. One of the most famous and greatest poets of Iran and the World. Saadi is famous for its great and amazing poetry and is one of the best Worldwide known poets of the World. This tomb of Saadi has been built by Karim Khan Of Zand Zandieh's era. 

The Great Cyrus Tomb: 


The great Cyrus, a man of history is the most famous and greatest Iran and World emperor. Founder of the Hakhamaneshian empire. The great Cyrus is one of the greatest men of history much famous as the empire of the history of greatest empire, Persian empire and being kind to all types of people with any gender, color, and religion. The great Cyrus tomb is one of the most famous and popular attractions of Iran and the World. 

Annually lots of people travel Shiraz to visit and see the great Cyrus tomb. 

The great Cyrus tomb has a glorious and simple building, a sign of great Persian empire. 


Takhte Jamshid: 


The amazing and glorious building of Takhte Jamshid is without any doubt is one of the most amazing and greatest ancient and historic buildings of Iran and World and shows a perfectly glorious era of the Hakhamaneshian empire. This great building has been situated 57 km away from the city of Shiraz and its history goes back to 518 b.c. This building has been built by the order of Darush, the emperor of Hakhamaneshian. 

Based on its written stone and signs, the name of this building had been Parseh. 

This amazing and glorious building is one of the greatest buildings and attractions of the World. And is one of the most popular Shiraz and Iran attractions. 

Vakil Bazaar: 

Shiraz Vakil Bazaar has been located at the center of the Shiraz city in the east part of the Shahrdari square. This is one of the most famous and historic bazaars of the city of Shiraz and Iran. This beautiful bazaar has been built at the Karim Khan Zand era which its developing started in 1137 and at 1156 built and completed. 


This bazaar is still active although it has enjoyed a kong history and has seen many events and historic occasions. 


Structure and architecture of this great and historic bazaar are inherited from Ishafan great Shah Abbas bazaar and its width is bigger than any other bazaar. 

Vakil Mosque:


Vakil mosque is one of the oldest mosques of Shiraz. This mosque has been built at the Zand Karim Khan era and has been built by the time best material possible. 

Vakil Bathroom: 


Vakil bathroom is one of Shiraz's most popular attractions. This Zandie era has been built beside the Vakil mosque building and shows the glorious time of Zandie. Vakil bathroom is one of the best and biggest bathrooms of the city and Iran and has been built by the time most advanced materials. 

Shiraz Shah Cheragh: 


Shah Cheragh is one of the most popular and main religious attractions of Shiraz. This place is the tomb of son the seventh Imam of Shia religion. 


Pars Museum: 

Pars museum has been located inside a garden. This museum is one of the oldest museums of the Fars province and includes valuable assets from a different time of history. 

This museum has very valuable assets especially from the Zandieh era and has been built on two floors by the direct order of Karim Khan Zand. 

Karim Khan Arg: 


Karim Khan Arg has been built between 1766 and 1767 years. This place has been built for Karim Khan's living. At the Pahlavi era, this placed turned into a prison. 

Nasir Almolk Mosque: 


Nasir Almolk mosque is one of the oldest mosques of Shiraz and has been located south of the Lotfali Khan Zand Street.



Shiraz Eram Garden: 


Shiraz Eram Garden is one of the most beautiful and amazing gardens of Shiraz and Iran which attracts many tourists national and international every year. If you love to enjoy an amazing garden and nature and great and pleasant weather then Eram Garden is going to be your very favorite spot. 


Delgosha Garden: 


Delgosha Garden is one of the most historic Shiraz gardens that belong to the Sasanian era and before the Islam period. If you love to enjoy ancient time-space then this going to be your lovely attraction. 


Zenit Almalek House: 


This house is one of the houses from the Qajar era and due to it has been Zeinat Almalek's house for a living has been called by this name. 

Quran Gate: 


Quran gate of Shiraz is one of the oldest and historic gates of Shiraz. And nowadays one of the beautiful and historic attractions of Shiraz. 

The Bottom Line: 


Shiraz is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Iran to travel and visit. In this article, you were introduced to the most popular and greatest attractions and sightseeings of Shiraz. Make sure to travel and visit all these amazing attractions as your enjoyable Shiraz journey. 


2019/09/15   Mahdie Rezaee

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