Getting To Know The Best Locations Of Tehran To Have Breakfast

Where To Have The Best Tehran Breakfast

Where To Have The Best Tehran Breakfast

2019/08/27   Mahdie Rezaee

Breakfast is one of the most popular meals of the day Worldwide. In Iran also this special meal is very popular and important. Breakfast is the most popular and important meal of the day for many Iranian and Tehran people. This importance has made Tehran have lots of great coffee shops and restaurants to offer special breakfast meals. These coffee shops and restaurants are across the megacity of Tehran and provide different kinds of breakfast meals from egg to meat and fruit drinks. Now, do you love to know where you can have the best and most luxurious breakfast in Tehran? Then stay with me as I 'm going to introduce you to the best Tehran restaurants and coffee shops that their breakfast menu is very special, VIP, and complete to let you experience the best possible breakfast at magnificent capital of Iran, Tehran. Let's get started to know the best Tehran breakfast heavens.

Yahya Restaurant: The Best Tehran Eggs: 


If you love to experience having breakfast at a small yet historic and ancient place where you will learn and experience old Tehran and have delicious Iranian famous breakfast then this small and historic restaurant is calling you to experience. Although this is an old and small restaurant but its famous and very tasty and delicious breakfast will make you feel you are at one of the best and most exciting restaurants in Tehran. Mr.Yahyaw himself makes its awesome breakfast and this is what makes this breakfast so special and tasty. If you love experience old Tehran lifestyle and at the same time have one of your most delicious restaurants then this is your perfect fit to get discovered. This special restaurant is located in zone one of Tehran in a beautiful and colorful area known as Tajrish.

Address: number 8, Hessabi cross, Shahid Ibrahim Darbandi street, Tajrish. 

Karzin Coffee: Breakfast at Niavaran Palace: 


If you love to have an amazing, delicious full complete super luxury breakfast at wonder open space of Niavaran palace then Karzin coffee is waiting for you. Combination of beauty, history, luxurious and tasty awesome restaurant makes this coffee shop a very unique place to experience and enjoy a great breakfast at Tehran. This place has a beautiful garden, wonderful tall trees combined with pleasant weather and an enjoyable atmosphere. This coffee shop has a warm and welcoming personal, great and strategic pleasant and beautiful location inside Niavaran palace combined with very fast delivery and this combination makes this place a perfect choice for anyone wishing a perfect and luxurious breakfast at an awesome and colorful palace. This is a luxurious coffee shop with great emphasis on quality and providing a memorable experience for its customers. From ancient and old Iranian breakfast to national and international breakfast are served here to satisfy any taste. So you will fund what you want at this luxurious coffee shop.


Address: Niavaran Palace 



Baradaran Restaurants: 


One of the restaurants which people have great experience and definition from it is Baradaran restaurant at Sheikh Bahaei street. Baradaran restaurant is known for its friendly and relaxing atmosphere, welcoming and warmly personality, great music, and pleasant space. Here you can have different kinds of breakfast and foods from eggs and old meals to modern national and international breakfast from English to French breakfast. So if you love to taste a very delicious restaurant which is customers are very satisfied and happy then this is your perfect place to start your day by a great breakfast at this Tehran restaurant. 


Address: number 9, besides Nastaran alley, beginning of south Seoul street, Vanak street, Sheikh Bahaie square. 




The Bottom Line: 


Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day Worldwide and here in Iran, and there are lots of great restaurants and coffee shops across the city of Tehran. In this article three of the best Tehran restaurants introduced for you to let you experience the best Tehran breakfast and start your day awesome at the beautiful capital of Tehran and enjoy your travel fully. 


2019/08/27   Mahdie Rezaee

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