An Introduction To The Best Shopping Centers of Mashhad City

The Best Shopping Centers Of Mashhad

The Best Shopping Centers Of Mashhad

2019/08/27   Mahdie Rezaee


When traveling Mashhad some of our travel spend on buying a souvenir from this beautiful and popular city. Mashhad is one of the most famous, popular and tourism cities of Iran, a destination for millions per year. This huge popularity and travel mean there are lots of great and modern shopping centers at Mashhad to answer all this huge demand. But with this huge diversity and options how do you know which are the best places and center to purchase the best and highest quality souvenir? So in this article, we are going to get to know the best shopping centers of Mashhad to help you purchase your best and highest quality possible souvenir from this multi-purpose popular tourism city. Here are the best shopping centers in Mashhad. 

Promo Shopping Center: 


One of the best shopping centers of Mashhad with high-quality products and services with the upper-medium price level is Mashhad Proma shopping center. On the first floor of this shopping center, there is a hypermarket which you can buy everything from food and drinks to electronic assets with great quality. Besides this, there are lots of different kinds of great stores on upper floors all combined with modern national and international restaurants and coffee shops plus an amusement center to amuse you and your children. Many who visit the Proma shopping center just visit its huge hypermarket and come back!! Due to huge diversity and assets inside this hypermarket. But I encourage you to explore this shopping center sully and spend quality time beside your Mashhad souvenir purchase. 

Proma shopping center


Arman Shopping Center: 


If you are among those people who love purchasing souvenirs from a great place to be near Holly Shrine then Arman shopping center is your perfect fit. This modern shopping center is very near to Holly Shrine and is besides Arman hotel. This modern shopping center is equipped with the great hypermarket, amusement center for children and adults, attractions, and all national and international brands. All with different types of restaurants and coffee shops to help you take a rest while purchasing your perfect souvenir. 


Arman Shopping Center


Almase Shargh Shopping Center: 


If you are looking for the best shopping center of Mashhad then Almase Shargh shopping center is familiar for you. This modern shopping center has a great unique architecture. There is a blue dome on its ceiling which has created a great architecture and shapes for this shopping center. This great shopping center has six floors and is equipped with great attractions, amusement center, luxury brand stores, and traditional and modern restaurants and coffee shops. So if you love experiencing the modern lifestyle and amazing atmosphere then Almase Shargh shopping center is your perfect shopping hub. 


Almase Shargh Shopping Center


Ferdowsi Bazaar: 


Among Mashhad's famous bazaars one of the best and most famous with great prices is Ferdowsi bazaar. From children, clothing to women and men's clothing to wedding clothing, this bazaar is famous for its great quality with awesome price clothing and is somehow Mashhad clothing hub. The clothing here is very much cheaper than Tehran so if you are looking for perfect clothing with cheap prices then here us your heaven. This is a very popular and crowded bazaar so make sure to put a time to explore Mashhad Ferdowsi bazaar. 


Ferdowsi Bazaar


Khorshid Shopping Center: 


Are you looking for international brand stores to be near Holly Shrine? Then the Khorshid shopping center has been built for you. This modern shopping center has gathered together all famous international brand stores inside itself with a competitive advantage of being near Holly Shrine. Here you can buy everything you need with international brands and reach Holly Shrine easily and in minutes by taxi or subway system. 

Khorshid Shopping Center


Bazaar Reza: 


This is a very special bazaar. In fact, this is the oldest and most famous bazaar of Mashhad. This bazaar is exactly beside Holly Shrine and is part of the Mashhad culture. Here you will see traditional architecture and crowded streets. This is not a modern luxury shopping center but a  traditional Mashhad attraction and bazaar for Holly Shrine visitors. If you love purchasing spices and handicraft assets as your souvenir then this bazaar is waiting for you to be fully discovered. Besides shopping here is a great historic attraction so you can enjoy attraction while purchasing your souvenir. 


Bazaar Reza


2019/08/27   Mahdie Rezaee

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