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5 must-see places in Iran

5 must-see places in Iran

2019/07/03   omid akbarpour

Over recent decades, the tourism industry has spread dramatically throughout the world. It is very clear that Iran has been a popular tourist destination due to its natural, cultural and religious attractions. There are a lot of great attractions that tourists must see in Iran. They are not located in just a city in the country and they are distributed in various cities such as Isfahan, Tehran, Yazd, Kerman, Kish, Mashhad, etc. tourists who can organize their time to visit most of the attractions of Iran are so wise. In this passage, we want to introduce 5 must-see places in Iran in order to help tourists to manage their vacation time in the country.


Persepolis is one of the most beautiful ancient cities of Iran, which for many years has been the capital of the kingdom of Iran during the Achaemenid Empire era. In this ancient city there is a palace called Persepolis that was built during the reign of Darius the Great, Xerxes and Ardeshir I. In 518 BCE, the Achaemenid Empire decided to start the construction of their new capital in Pars and called it Persepolis.

The founder of Persepolis was great Darius. After his death, his son Xerxes and his grandson, Ardeshir I, expanded it by adding some other buildings. The historians believe that Alexander the Great, Macedonian commander in the 330 BC, attacked Iran and set fire to Persepolis and destroyed most of the complex.

However, the ruins of this place still remain, and archaeologists confirm signs of fire and invasion over its ruins. This historic place since 1979 is registered at the UNESCO World Heritage. Persepolis is located in the northeast of Shiraz and north of Marvdasht in Fars province.


2-Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System is an interconnected set of bridges, dams, mills, waterfalls, canals and massive water tunnels that work in conjunction with each other. These structures are related to the Sassanid era, and they are located in Shariati avenue of Shooshtar city.

Most tourists during their travels to the south of Iran and especially Khoozestan province, visit Shooshtar city in order to see Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System.

These structures reveal the advanced technology of the Persians in the ancient era, and they were built in the Achaemenid and Sassanid Empire in order to improve the efficiency of the use of water.


3-Valley of Stars

Most tourists visit Qeshm during their trip to Iran. The island has become a tourist destination in the last few decades. One of the most famous tourist attractions inside the island is the Valley of Stars and almost all of the passengers visit this attraction.

Valley of Stars is a valley located in Qeshm, an Iranian island in the Strait of Hormuz in Hormozgan Province. It is located in the north of the village of Berkeh-ye Khalaf. The valley of stars is in fact, a beautiful area by surface waters, seasonal storms, and gusts. The special shape of this valley is the main reason for its reputation among tourists.


4-Mount Behistun & Taq-e Bostan

The most famous historical attractions of Kermanshah province are Mount Behistun & Taq-e Bostan which are located near each other. Today there are just some remnants of the Behistun rock reliefs and statues, which proves that humanity has lived in this area for more than 4000 years ago.

Also, there are a lot of rock reliefs under the archway of Taq-e Boston. For tourists, the most attractive part of these rock reliefs is the image of the last king of the Sasanian Empire and Ahuramazda (the creator of the world in Zoroastrian beliefs) and Anahita (a Zoroastrian Deity).


5-Naghsh-e Jahan Square

The last item of 5 must-see places in Iran that we introduced in this text is Naghsh-e Jahan Square. No doubt this is the most famous square in Iran.

On the four sides of the square, there are many historic buildings such as Ali Qapu, Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, and Qeysarie Gate. The most famous building located around Naghsh-e Jahan Square is Ali Qapu Palace. Most tourists visit this beautiful palace when visiting the square.

In addition, there are too many old shops located around the square, which are generally the place for the supply of handicrafts in Isfahan. Most tourists visit these shops around Naghsh-e Jahan Square to buy souvenirs.

2019/07/03   omid akbarpour

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