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5 most Luxurious Restaurants in Tehran

5 most Luxurious Restaurants in Tehran

2019/07/31   Mahdie Rezaee

In recent years especially two to three years the race for opening super luxury and highly-priced restaurants have grown exponentially in Tehran. Being told that these super luxuries and pricy restaurants have fixed customers in which although they may not go to these restaurants every time they go out for a meal but for their special day or celebration choose these restaurants as their ultimate destinations. By going to these places you will feel very special and the feeling of being at a very special and unique place. These super-luxury restaurants some times have strange names and their menu as you might guess is high valued and pricy. In this article, you will get to know the luxurious restaurants of the megacity of Tehran.

1-Divan Restaurant

Divan restaurant is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Tehran. The reason for its popularity and famous except its awesome high quality and delicious foods is its chic decoration and combinational architecture of modern and traditional. On the walls, you will see beautiful paintings and art. Although the foods are Iranian they will bring it for you with an ultra-modern design and decoration as if you are having ultra-modern food, not an Iranian traditional food. The foods of this super luxury restaurant are very superb and highly-priced all Iranian delicious food with amazingly modern and luxury design and decoration.

Address: Freshteh street, Sam Center shopping center




2-Mestooran restaurant:

Mestooran restaurant like its name has a very different and unique decoration, design, and atmosphere. This restaurant has combined traditional design, decoration, and assets with modern features, facilities, and technologies. So you will be entertained by high price super luxury yet traditional design and assets foods and services. All Iranian foods are being served here and if you love to experience a very unique and different feeling, space and atmosphere with traditional features and assets combined with ultra-modern luxurious services then experiencing this super luxury traditional restaurant is going to be your perfect choice.

Address: Niavaran square, the beginning of Bahonar street, besides foreign affairs guest room




3-Leon Restaurant:

Leon restaurant is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Tehran. When speaking about the luxurious Tehran restaurant then Leon restaurant is a fixed name inside this list. Leon restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants and has opened four restaurants in different parts of Tehran megacity. This great restaurant although it has a french name but serves all different types of food you would ever want and imagine from Iranian traditional foods to fast foods, Italian foods, foreign foods, and plates of seafood whatever your taste be you will find your perfect luxurious meal here.

Address: Fereshteh street, Sam Center shopping center

Address 2: Karim Khan Zand Street, Aban Jonoubi street, besides Warshow street




4-Manson Restaurant:

Manson among Tehran luxurious restaurants is one of the old ones. This is a very unique and different restaurant compare to other Tehran luxurious restaurants. Here east Asian foods are being served and you will find all east Asian foods from Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indian spicy foods, Singapore, Thailand and more. If you love and enjoy east Asain foods then here is going to be your heaven also if you are an east Asian tourist then this super luxury restaurant is your home. So if you love to experience super luxury Asian foods then welcome Manson restaurant.

Address: Gandi Jonoubi street, besides fourth Gandi, Gandi shopping center




5-Milad Tower Garden Restaurant:

Milad tower is one of the most modern, luxurious and amazing attractions of Tehran and a modern icon of Tehran and Iran as a whole. Milad Tower is a multi-purpose communication and entertainment tower full of awesome restaurants and coffee shops. But one of its restaurants is a very unique and different one. The name of this restaurant is the Gardon restaurant. This super luxurious restaurant is located at top of the Milad tower and is one of the most famous, modern and luxurious restaurants of Tehran. This amazing restaurant at 276 meters height providing you a breathtaking 360 degrees view of Tehran. Each hour turn around 360 degrees so while you are having your food you can enjoy all views of Tehran 360 degrees. Besides its amazing view and land escape, its design and decoration are very modern and super luxury with great emphasis on red color. Its walls and ceilings painted with Iranian awesome history and paintings mostly with gold. Here you will find all different types of foods and you are sure to enjoy a great meal and view at super luxurious Milad tower Gardon restaurant.


2019/07/31   Mahdie Rezaee

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