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The Best Fun Places of Shiraz

The Best Fun Places of Shiraz

2019/07/31   Mahdie Rezaee

Shiraz is an amazing city to visit and one of Iran's most famous and tourism centers. Shiraz is full of wonderful historic and natural sightseeings and attractions. Now after you visit all these places you might wonder and ask yourself what else can Shiraz offer to me? If you love to complete your Shiraz travel journey and change your mood for the best then you should know that Shiraz is one of Iran's most equipped cities in having fun and amusement centers to have fun and enjoy with family and friends. In this article, you will get to know the best fun and amusement centers of Shiraz to help you have an awesome day full of fun and joy.

Persian Gulf Center:

Persian Gulf center is 500 thousand meters. If you are visiting this center then you should know that you are in the eighth biggest business, tourism and fun center of the World chosen by a credible and famous website of Emporis, one of the best and most famous websites about architecture.

Here you can enjoy an amusement park, go to the pool, sauna or jacuzzi or experience four and eight dimensions cinemas. If you love watching movies you can visit its cinema center and if you love shopping then it doesn't miss its luxury and modern shopping centers.

Iran Land amusement park located on the third floor of this center is one of the best and biggest closed ceiling amusement parks of Iran and has over 133 exciting games. While here don't forget playing bowling as this center is the biggest bowling center in Iran.




Tape Kaj Center:

If you love playing different games at outdoor spaces then the Tape Kaj center is your perfect choice and fun center. This center is one of the most popular fun and amusement centers of Shiraz with a huge area.

Some of these popular and huge amusement center facilities are paintball, basketball, dart, volleyball, skate, ski, bicycling, golf, mini-golf, multi-purpose sports centers, pool and many many more.





Zeiton Center:

If you love to have fun in Shiraz then going to this luxury, chic and modern amusement center is going to be a great option too. At the Zeiton center, there are over 400 stores that sell everything you may ever need and wish.

Also, you can explore its great Gando amusement park. All features, facilities, games, and fun you expect for children and adults you can find inside this amusement park. Sure you will be satisfied after your visit here as your Shiraz fun and amusement center.





Drak Mountain Park:

If you love being excited and experience an amazingly fun night then Drak mountain park is waiting for you.

Of course in this park, you can walk and climb, tent or have a picnic or explore its beautiful herbal plants and trees or visit its artificial lake. But the most exciting part of this mountain park is its amusement center and especially its zipline game which will take you up to 200 meters and its length is 1200 meters.




Luna Park:

Most people know Lona park as the best fun place and center of Shiraz. The reason for this choice is that Lona park is the oldest modern amusement park of Shiraz and it has been located at a very great and strategic location which all people have easy access to this park.

Many generations of Shiraz people have seen and played at this awesome amusement park and this amusement and fun center has over 30 years of history. Lona park is famous for its huge merry go round. But if you visit here there are a lot of exciting and enjoyable games for children and adults which will make an amazingly fun night for you and your family.


The Bottom Line

Shiraz is one of the best and touristic cities of Iran with many amazing historic and natural attractions. Besides this Shiraz is also equipped with modern and great amusement and fun parks and centers which will help you experience an amazingly fun night and day from your Shiraz journey.

2019/07/31   Mahdie Rezaee

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