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The Best Restaurants Of Yazd

The Best Restaurants Of Yazd

2019/07/30   Mahdie Rezaee


Yazd with its famous clay and mud houses, a place where you can walk hours inside its calm and peaceful streets and areas without being or getting tired is an awesome and eye-catching city to visit every season of the year and all the days and all over the year. Yazd is a city in which sitting hours inside its beautiful old houses yard will not get you tired and everything of this magnificent old and historic city will shrink you inside itself. Now after enjoying Yazd wonderful historic and natural attractions and its unique beautiful architecture. Where are the best places and restaurants in this city to enjoy a great meal and have fun? Stay with me and explore for yourself the best restaurants in Yazd. 

Yazd Talar: 


Few have not heard about Yazd Talar, because this great and luxurious restaurant among Yazd people themselves also among this historic city travelers is one of the most famous Yazd restaurants. Yazd Talar which before people called it Haji Ashpaz and Agha Ghavechi has many salons and restaurants for taking apart weddings and celebrations. That' why when you have food here you should expect a wedding or celebration here. Many believe if you love to taste the best Yazd foods has to offer you should have food at this restaurant. Its Iranian foods and drinks are very awesome and delicious and have a very different and diverse menu of all Iranian famous and very delicious and tasty foods and drinks. This restaurant is located away from the center of the city but worth its visit and tasting the most delicious foods at this magnificent historic city of Yazd. Also, the most famous confectionery store of the Yazd Haj Khalife Rahabar confectionary store is here and near this restaurant so you can hunt two goals with one apple. 

Address: Jomhouri blvd, before Quran gate




Moshir Almamalek Restaurant: 


Yazd Moshir Almamalek hotel garden is an old garden with old and tall thick trees, runoff water and lots of fountains and basins. Now imagine sitting on a table at such an amazing place and having high quality tasty and delicious foods and drinks. Foods here are very tasty and high quality, not very pricy and while having food you will hear garden birds sound. 


Moshir Almamalek garden hotel has four restaurants. All different kinds of Iranian, foreign and plates of seafood are being served here. And its Naghashi restaurant is very famous among all these four restaurants. A restaurant full of painted, designed, and decorated walls and windows with amazingly tasty and delicious foods combined. 


After having food at one of its awesome four restaurants you can go to the garden hotel roof to explore its coffee shop and breathtaking view and land escape of historic city of Yazd. 

Address: Enghelab street, Moshir Almamalek blvd 





Khan Restaurant: 


Khan restaurant like most of the Yazd restaurants has been located at an old house and has traditional architecture, decoration, feel and atmosphere. You will sit on a table inside a decorated and designed yard and foods will be brought for you. Khan restaurant has a very diverse menu and serves all different types of food you will ever want and wish. 

Address: Asizadeh blvd, Sangrizeh alley 




Cezar Restaurant: 


If you love to have pizza and taste amazing Italian food at the historic old city of Yazd then welcome the Cezar restaurant. This restaurant compares to other Yazd restaurants is chic and modern. Piano and live music are waiting for you to accompany you while having your tasty delicious Italian food here. The menu is very diverse, modern and full. Besides Italian food also you can order Iranian food. This restaurant is a modern and different restaurant so if you love to experience modernity at the heart of history then this restaurant is waiting for you. 

Address: Abozar square, Sonbol street 






Panahande Restaurant: 


This is the oldest Yazd restaurant with a history of over 60 years. Panahandeh restaurant is always open and has a very friendly and cozy space and atmosphere. This old restaurant has been located at one of the oldest Yazd bazaars known as Panje Ali Bazaar. So besides having food you can shop traditional handicrafts as your Yazd souvenir. The menu is diverse and its Adasi is very famous and being told that you will have the most delicious Adasi of your life here. 

Address: Panje Ali Bazaar 




2019/07/30   Mahdie Rezaee

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