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The Best Traditional And Historic Yazd Hotels

The Best Traditional And Historic Yazd Hotels

2019/07/30   Mahdie Rezaee

Traditional Yazd hotels are attractions for themselves at the beautiful and historic city of Yazd. Here in this article, we will review the best and most beautiful traditional and historic hotels of Yazd and their features and facilities. 


Yazd is the city of historic, traditional and noble hotels. Hotels which most of them before were big luxurious houses and now with changing functionality has turned into hotels. 


Yazd old architecture including a deflector, central yard full of trees and gardens, fountain, and three doors and five doors corridors have been obeyed by most of these hotels. This architecture has turned these hotels from a strange place into a friendly and cozy place and atmosphere. Now you can see these hotels are city attractions for themselves so let's look at the best and most beautiful historic and traditional hotels of Yazd. 

Mozafar Traditional Hotel: 


Mozafar traditional hotel has been located at Khalaf Bag area, one of the oldest areas of the historic city of Yazd. It is one of the old buildings of Yazd and has been built in the Qajar period for a businessman named Mozafar and has more than 200 years of history. 


The architecture of this hotel has been built by clay and mud. It has five doors, deflector, a glorious talar, a traditional sports center, and traditional coffee and restaurants. Each of its rooms has a small space to keep pricy assets and a closet. 


The yard of this hotel with a big fountain at the center of it is one of the hotel's beauties and attractions. This hotel has been rebuilt and modernized in 1388 and is near to Yazd attractions and sightseeings. Less than fifteen minutes you can reach to airport and train station. 




Moshir Almamalek Garden Hotel: 


Moshir Almamalek garden hotel is an old garden related to the Qajar period in which with its old and tall trees, runoff water and a lot of its fountains and basins attract a lot of travelers and guests to itself. 


Hotel rooms which have desert architecture have been built inside this garden and have a very famous restaurant which serves very tasty and delicious Iranian and foreign foods. 


The rooms of this hotel are comfortable and calm and the only sound you hear is the bird's sound. This hotel which is one of the traditional hotels of Yazd has been located at Moshir blvd one of the streets of city entrance and has easy access to all Yazd attractions and sightseeings. 







Fahadan Hotel: 


Fahadan hotel which is also called the museum has been located near the great mosque at the heart of the Fahadan area. One of the most beautiful and attractive areas of the Yazd. 


Fahadan hotel is a historic building with over 250 years of history related to the Qajar period. This hotel is also known as Tehran house and has been registered as one of the historic buildings of cultural heritage. 


From this hotel to many Yazd attractions like Eskandar prison, Lariha house, and Malek Zadeh house is just steps away and by just walking you can see attractions of the city. The unique features of this hotel are the existence of many heritages from traditional and old buildings, the central yard and Narenjestan which have been turned into a restaurant. 


The building of this hotel has three yards including the main yard, Narenjestan, and Kollah Farangi mansion, three beautiful deflectors, huge talar, house hole, and a very big roof which is in front of the many Yazd historic attractions. 




Lab Khandagh Hotel: 


Lab Khandagh hotel is one of the other traditional hotels of the Yazd. This hotel is a historic hotel related to the Qajar period and belongs to the Tayebi family. This building has been rebuilt at 1389 and its functionality has been changed into a hotel. 


Lab Khandagh is near to the old part of the city and Bazaar. It has been located near the historic square of Amir Chakhmagh, Ghiam street and the biggest Yazd shopping centers like Khan Bazaar, Panje Ali Bazaar, and historic hotel of Mehr. 


By some minutes walking, you can access to city eye-catching important centers and attractions. 


2019/07/30   Mahdie Rezaee

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