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Where to Have Fun in Mashhad

Where to Have Fun in Mashhad

2019/07/29   Mahdie Rezaee

Mashhad is a city which becomes bigger and bigger in recent years and with its growth, its entertainment and fun places, parks, and attractions have grown too. In this current time and era, Mashhad attractions are not just limited to water parks. You might have been traveled Mashhad to visit Holy Shrine but you will enjoy a lot that after visiting Holly Shrine will be more than happy to visit these awesome fun and happiness attractions. 

Mellat Amusement Park: 


Mellat park just oneself easily can become your whole entertainment center and attraction. Its area is 720000 meters and inside this area, you can find all the entertainment, enjoyment, and happiness features, facilities and attractions. 


The green area here has 35 thousand trees. Pool, artificial lake, stadium, volleyball, basketball, tennis and other sport centers are other parts of this magnificent park. Also if you love to complete your enjoyment head to its modern amusement park. 


This huge amusement has different features and game facilities. But foremost is famous for the awesome huge and breathtaking merry go round. This merry go round takes people up to 80 meters and provides an amazing view of the city. It depends on you how much enjoyment you want. This park has all features, facilities, technologies, nature, and areas to make you happy and amuse you. 


From Saturday to Wednesday from 14 to 11 and from Thursday and Friday from 11 to 11 p.m you can visit the magnificent Mellat park. 


Strange Land Amusement Park:


Rather almost all mega and big cities have an amusement park with the name of a strange land, therefore Mashhad is not an exception. This nice amusement park has been located on the third and fourth floors of the Shargh Almas complex. By going here you can hunt two goals with one apple and that is shopping while being amused at the strange land amusement park. 


The advantage and beauty of strange land amusement parks are that its games are not limited to children only and have different kinds of adult games like billiard, bolling and more. Also, children and video games are attractive for adults too and can make you amused. So if you love to enjoy it twice then a strange land amusement park is going to be your perfect choice which not only you will enjoy but shop at one of the Mashhad modern and super luxury shopping centers. 


You can visit this multi-purpose park daily from 10 a.m to 11 p.m.

You can visit this multi-purpose park daily from 10 a.m to 11 p.m. 



Happy Land Amusement Park: 


Happy land amusement park just steps away from Holly Shrine located at Tabarsi street. All people with different ages and interests can find one or two things to be amused here. 


Inside this amusement park, there are exciting games like a helicopter, cinema, train, dart, Derbi, billiard, car, arrow and bow, play station and other exciting and enjoyable computer games. The beauty and a notable note about this amazing amusement park are that it has been located inside a shopping center which again provides an awesome opportunity to not only being amused but also shop and enjoy magnificent features of great super luxury and modern shopping center. 


You can visit a happy land amusement park daily from 10 a.m to 11 p.m all every day of the week. 



Games Land: 

At 20000 meters area, there is one of the biggest covered amusement parks in Iran. This huge and mega covered amusement park has over 100 game machines. It has all the features and entertainment facilities you will ever need and think about from the cinema, train, billiard, paintball, football and more. Here you will enjoy and amuse a lot as everything is ready here to make you amused. 


You can visit this park daily from morning to night the days of the week. 


The Bottom Line 


If you are traveling in Mashhad as your awesome travel destination be sure this big city has a lot to offer and amuse you. So besides its famous sightseeing and attractions including Imam Reza Holly Shrine and Ferdowsi Tomb and natural attractions, if you love to have fun then Mashhad is a perfect city and has a lot to offer you. We will be more than happy to assist you in travel Iran and visit the magnificent and awesome city of Mashhad with all its beauty and attractions. 

2019/07/29   Mahdie Rezaee

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