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Seven Glorious Mansions In Tehran

Seven Glorious Mansions In Tehran

2019/07/29   Mahdie Rezaee

Tehran tourism with its busy and crowded streets all over the day might seem impossible sometimes. There are lots of people in which just and only for business, health, education and classes and events travel Tehran. But if they know that behind these busy, crowded and full of traffic streets and skyscrapers and towers what beautiful mansions exist with a great atmosphere in which are waiting for seeing by tourists will change the mind and idea about great megacity of Tehran. In this article, I'm going to introduce you to seven glorious Tehran mansions to visit and enjoy as your Tehran tourism journey. 

Cinema Museum: 


While walking along Valiasr street with all beauty and sightseeings which modern Tehran has, you can not miss visiting this awesome mansion. Behind Ferdow's garden has been located in a beautiful mansion from the Qajar period which has built by the order of Qajar Mohammad King. The mansion which these days is called the Cinema Museum. Inside the building of this museum, there are photos and facilities of cinema with 100 years of history with great artists and professors of cinema which is available for public visit. The best part of this mansion is a balcony with walls and pillars decorated and designed with beautiful flowers and wooden windows. Inside the museum space, two coffee shops invite you to taste a delicious coffee and watch a glorious view of the mansion. 


The cinema museum is located at Valiasr street behind the Ferdows garden and from Sundays to Thursdays you can visit the museum from 9 to 19 and Fridays from 14 to 19. The museum is closed on Saturday. 



Roshan Center: 


At Naser Khosro street, one of the oldest streets of Tehran there is the Roshan center which is the oldest Tehran shopping center. This building which has been built with Gutic style architecture within Tehran street may seem strange. Its architecture reminds the streets of old Europa. Ahora Maza icon is the only Iranian icon in this glorious mansion. This building has been built at 1311 and for access, you reach there by Imam Khomeini or Panzdah Khordad subway station. 



Zaman Auditorium: 


Zaman museum is sitting inside a great and glorious garden built with Iranian style architecture. This museum is not just a valuable galley of amazing and historic clocks and time measuring facilities but the mansion itself is an awesome icon of Iranian architecture. Hossein Khodad a famous businessman once was the owner of this mansion but now this beautiful building is a museum of different clocks, watches and table time facilities. Its blue walls and white windows have given this mansion a very unique view as if it's wearing a white cloth. At 1382 this beautiful home recorded as a national icon. Professor Mahmood Hessabi's watch and sunny watch of Naseraldin Shah is part of the valuable assets of this museum. You can visit this museum daily except Fridays from 9 a.m to 2 p.m. 



Masoudieh Mansion: 


Masoudieh palace is one of the most beautiful buildings of the Qajar period. This mansion has seen many events like the formation of the first education ministry and the creation of the first country's national library. Its features are its amazing architecture, beautiful design and decoration, and its lovely garden. Masoudieh palace is located at Baharestan square and you can visit it daily. 



Sabz Palace: 


One of the mansions of the Saad Abad complex and the most beautiful of it is Sabz palace. This building has been built at the ending years of the Qajar period and by the emergence of Pahlavi, Reza Shah chose this palace to reside. Sabz palace is famous for its inside beautiful design and decoration and its valuable Iranian carpets. Sabz palace has been located at the Saad Abad complex. 



Golestan Palace: 


Golestan Palace is a complex consists of kingdom buildings is a sample of a combination of Iranian and Europian architecture. Its amazing view and beautiful inside decoration and design with its super luxury and glorious garden have turned this palace into a must-visit the palace. 



Abgineh Museum: 


Mirror and glass museum has been located at a 90 years old home grom Ahmad Ghavam. This building before becoming a museum has been Egypt embassy for a while. Its architecture is a combination of west and east architecture. Its wooden pillars and amazingly beautiful decoration are its great and advantages. This museum is located in Si Tir street. 

2019/07/29   Mahdie Rezaee

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