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people of Iran

2019/07/23   Mahdie Rezaee

Iran is a very beautiful and enjoyable country to visit but a country is awesome for a reason and this reason is a combination of history, nature and most importantly its people. Yes, people make a country that's why when you choose to travel as your awesome tourism or health tourism destination it's a really good idea to get to know people of the country better, to better understand the culture and the country. Alongside this, by better knowing the country you can enjoy more and experience the country fully. Now it's time to get to know people of Iran better so let's start to know people of this beautiful unique country better.



The national language of the country is Persian language and people speak Persian all over the country but Iran has a 90M population and each city and town has its unique local language too which is being spoken besides the national language. Also in many cities of Iran people know one or more foreign languages like English or Arabic so this makes the language of Iranian diverse, unique and awesome which can not be found anywhere else.  the Persian language is not only the national language of Iran but also some other countries speak some kind of Persian language too which shows Iran's rich history and culture influence which has been reached beyond Iran borders this what makes Iran a very influencing and unique country. 




As a historic and culturally rich country, Iran people have many diverse beliefs and customs. People here are very diverse and they believe in different traditional and modern beliefs. So this country is not based on just one belief and there are many beliefs here which make Iran a truly unique and enjoyable country. 


Living Style & Standards: 


90M population in which most of the population are young under 40 years old and live very modern western type lifestyle and living standards. People are educated and knowledgeable and expect luxury level services. People here prefer a modern and luxury level lifestyle and here you will feel very comfortable as standards of living here as equal as all modern developed countries. 


Spending Time: 


People spend most of their time besides working at modern restaurants, coffee shops, malls, shopping centers, modern full furnished places and plazas, and houses. So as you see lifestyle here is very modern and luxury and people are active, welcoming and full of life and energy. 




Iran as a nation has a very long history with over five thousand histories and two thousand and five hundred years documented history. This long history has created an awesome culture and a very rich behavior as people of Iran. Iranian people are known for being very passionate, welcoming and caring people. 



The Bottom Line


Iran is one of the most beautiful and awesome countries to visit and is a must-visit country for any international traveler who enjoys beauty, tradition, history and modern combinations. Now as your chosen country to visit one of the main pillars are the people of that country which makes Iran such a great welcoming country. Here is the summary of what you need to know about people of Iran: 


These people have a rich history of over 2500 years 
Persian as the national language is being spoken all over the country 
People in different parts of the country also speak their local languages
The 90M population mostly young under 40 years old 
People of Iran are very caring, welcoming and passionate 
Are very diverse and believe many different traditional and modern beliefs 
Active and full of life people 
Living a modern lifestyle 
Expect luxury high-level products and services 
Educated and digital native people 
Are familiar with one or two foreign languages 
People of Iran spend most of their time at luxury and modern places like parks, plazas, malls, shopping centers, houses, restaurants, and coffee shops 
Tehran as the capital of Iran has over 20M population 
People here love peace and freedom 

Getting to people of a country helps you better understand the country as a whole and its features, experience a more comfortable and enjoyable journey and an opportunity to better align yourself with the people to fully experience the country. I hope you enjoy this article and better prepare to travel to Iran. Here we are more than ready to assist you with your travel and welcome you Iran warmly. 



2019/07/23   Mahdie Rezaee

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