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An Introduction to Tehran ;capital of Iran

An Introduction to Tehran ;capital of Iran

2019/07/22   Mahdie Rezaee

Tehran is the magnificent and amazing capital of Iran is a great megacity with over 20M population full of life, energy, and life. Located in the north part of Iran is the economic, political and cultural center of Iran. Millions per day enter and exit this beautiful city. Tehran is known for its pleasant weather and atmosphere, amazing mountains and jungles, huge population, diverse people and beliefs, a very live and active city, Milad tower, luxury sky scrappers, beautiful streets, delicious foods and restaurants, modern people and lifestyle. In this article, I 'm going to speak about the magnificent megacity of Tehran to getting to know better Tehran and Iran as a whole.

About Tehran:


Tehran is the capital of Iran, located in the north part of Iran, is a megacity with a huge population of over 20M. It is the hub of Iran for all about economy, travel, tourism, health, politics, culture and art.



Tehran People:


People in Tehran have a very modern lifestyle and living standards. they love modern life and enjoy luxury places and centers. With a huge population, people here are diverse and have different ideas and beliefs but are the same at speaking Persian language and being Iranian. People are highly educated and knowledgeable and most know at least one foreign language and spend most of their time out at parks, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers, and malls.



Tehran Weather:


Weather is awesome here in Tehran. Tehran has four seasons weather most of the time has amazing pleasant weather and all around the year is a great time to travel to Tehran. North part of the city is a very near mountain that's why it has cooler and better weather too.



Tehran Attractions:


Tehran is full of luxury, modern, historic and natural sightseeings and attractions and you are sure to enjoy being in Tehran. From Milad Tower to Nature Bridge to Toochal and many more parks and attractions, you will feel life, active and full of energy while you are in Tehran.





There are thousands of luxury local and international restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers, malls, garden restaurants in Tehran with different and diverse local and international foods. So in Tehran, you will find everything you will ever want and wish from Iranian foods to Italian, French, American, English, Chinese, Japanese and many more. You will feel at home while you are in Tehran.



Where To Stay?

There are hundreds of luxury hotels at Tehran with full features, services, and facilities but at the same time, there are thousands of fully furnished homes and penthouses here in Tehran which if you wish you can stay. Safety and security are very high in Tehran and all over the city like the country is very secure and safe.



Tehran Economy:


Tehran is the most populated, important, huge and wealthiest city of Iran. 30% of GDP belongs to Tehran. All important offices, companies, and locations are here in Tehran. And people are wealthier and more educated with more modern life and standards.



Tehran Infrastructure:


Infrastructure is superb in Tehran. High-speed internet is available all the time at all part of the city, the transportation system is modern and diverse from bus to train to the subway to taxis and online apps for taxis you can find what you prefer to travel with. All modern lifestyle facilities are available here and your every wish will be met here in Tehran. All part of the city is full of features and facilities and technology here is superb and ultra-modern.



The Bottom Line


Tehran is a great and must-see city to visit. As the capital of Iran is the most modern and populated city of Iran. It is a huge megacity with over 20M diverse and educated people. Living standards and prices are high here with all modern facilities, features, and technologies. Tehran is one of the most modern and beautiful cities of the World and a great city to explore. Full of amazing natural and modern sightseeing and attractions. You can enjoy Tehran from your luxury hotel or a super luxury home or penthouse. People here are very educated, modern, active and welcoming and know and are familiar with foreign languages. Here in Tehran, you will feel home as all World foods are available here, technology is superb and transportation and communications infrastructure are great here. We are ready to welcome you to Tehran.



2019/07/22   Mahdie Rezaee

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