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How U.S.A, England, and Canada Citizens Can Travel Iran?

How U.S.A, England, and Canada Citizens Can Travel Iran?

2019/07/22   Mahdie Rezaee

For sure Iran is a magnificent country to visit and that's why it's on your top priority list to be done as fast and as easy as possible. Traveling Iran is a very easy process and contains an easy and step by step understandable and logical procedure so there will be no worries about how to travel Iran. In this comprehensive guide, I'm going to show what you need step by step as a U.S. A, England, or Canada citizen and traveler to easily travel Iran and enjoy Iran in its full potential. 

Step One: Applying Three Months Before: 


The first thing you need to know as citizens of these three mentioned countries is that you must apply to receive your Iran visa three months before your travel to Iran. So make sure you apply for the below steps three months before your travel. 


Step Two: Filling This Website Visa Form: 


After your decision about traveling Iran and knowing that you must apply three months before, the first step is to contact a credible Persian travel agency like this agency and filling your Iran visa form. On this website, you can easily have the visa form on our website and fill it. After filling, and sending this visa form then the agency will contact you to send them the color scan of your passport and color new photo of yourself to receive your " reference code". This reference code is what you need to receive your Iran visa from the Iran embassy or constancy. 


Step Three: Referring Iran Embassy To Receive Your Iran Visa: 


After receiving " reference code " from the agency and the mentioned embassy or constancy. You need to provide your passport with at least six months' credible, color scan copy of your passport and passport information, color new photo of yourself and your reference code and refer to the embassy or consultancy to receive your Iran visa. 


Step Four: Reservations: 


Before you travel you must determine which cities you want to visit and which hotels you want to stay and the exact dates of your entrance and exit must be clear. Just contact the agency and you will be guided about the best cities and hotels you will ever need to travel to Iran. Although can be done by yourself a Persian credible travel agency can do all this for easily and as fast as possible based on your exact preferences. 


Receiving Iran Airport: 


After doing all the above-mentioned steps then you are ready to fly to Iran. When receiving in Iran airport you must provide all your travel information to the airport. Also for the United States, America citizens are a must to provide details of all their destinations visit when they are in Iran. After this now you are ready to enjoy and experience Iran fully. 




Citizens of United States Of America, England, and Canada can not receive Iran airport visa 
Iran visa is credible for 30 days only 
Three-month time frame is a must 
Israel citizens can not apply to receive Iran visa 
Free zones of Iran doesn't need Iran visa for 14 days 
You can travel free zones of Iran for 14 days easily and without any visa and just by your passport 

The Bottom Line 


Iran has a very welcoming people and atmosphere. The most population are young and live and love ultra-modern western living lifestyle and standards so here you will sure to feel comfortable, safe and home combined with unique experiences and delicious foods and rich history and culture. Traveling Iran is an easy process and a fast and logical procedure. Here is what you need to know and do to getting ready to travel and experience Iran fully: 


First of all, you need to apply for Iran visa three months before your travel, this three month is a must time frame that must be obeyed 
Contact a credible Persian travel agency like this and fill the visa form which is ready to download from the website 
Provide your necessary documents to the agency including your passport and photo to receive your reference code 
Provide your documents along with your reference code to the embassy or consultancy to receive your Iran visa 
Before travel know your exact entry and exit dates and cities and hotels you will stay at Iran 
Provide your travel details to the Iran airport 
Enjoy and experience modern, safe, welcoming and historic Iran fully 

2019/07/22   Mahdie Rezaee

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