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Iran Economy: Current and Future

Iran Economy: Current and Future

2019/07/21   Mahdie Rezaee

Iran is one of the biggest economies and most important countries of the World with a great and highly engaged population of 90M mostly young under 40 years old people with ten percent of all Earth planet natural resources, located at one of the most important areas of the World at the heart of the Middle East. Gathering together all these features with a rich history and nature with its four seasons weather and ecosystem, this country is known as Iran is a must and not to miss country to visit as your next or current top travel destination. In this article, I'm going to speak about the current and future economic condition of Iran to help you better know and get acquainted with the magnificent country of Iran. Are you ready to get started? Awesome then let's start. 

Iran Current Economy: 


With one percent of the population, Iran has ten percent of all World natural resources. Putting together this with awesome historic, cultural and human resources, Iran economy is a very great and highly potential economy currently living with all these indexes and conditions: 


  • As a country, all products and services producing in Iran within a year known as Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are $400B currently. 
  • Growth of Iran economy known as GDP growth on average is around 2 to 4 percent per year 
  • The 90M population of Iran in which 80% live in cities and 20% live in towns 
  • Around 70% of these 90M population are young, active and digital native under 40 years old
  • Around 10M of the country's population are highly educated 
  • Most of the Iran population are awesome at technology and have great knowledge of using the internet and latest and cutting edge technologies 
  • 80% of people have no access to high-speed internet which is equal to all modern and developed countries 
  • People whether in cities or even in towns have a modern lifestyle and living standards 
  • The unemployment rate in Iran is around 20% on average 
  • Inflation is mostly double-digit and sometimes below 10% which is managed and controlled by Iran central bank 
  • The central bank of Iran manages and control inflation, unemployment rate, and liquidity 
  • Digital life is alive and very active here and people shop online and offline here at the same time 
  • There are many banks in Iran in which offer financial and wealth management services 
  • The populations here in Iran are skilled and educated 
  • People are comfortable using other languages like English or Arabic although the national language of Iran is Persian 
  • Iran has a huge market; consumers are very modern and expect high-quality products and services 
  • Iranians are very active at using the internet and social media platforms like Instagram, youTube, and telegram
  • Luxury Coffee shops, restaurants, gardens, shopping centers, malls are full here and very popular among people 
  • Very modern communications and transportation infrastructure 


Iran Future Economy: 


Although Iran currently using oil and gas its main natural resources but with this Iran amazing location, potential, infrastructure, and resources Iran easily can be trillions of dollars economy with below conditions: 


  • GDP of above 2 to 3 trillions of dollars per year and even becoming top 5 economies of the future World 
  • Double-digit GDP growth with absorbing of foreign and domestic investment into different parts of industries and services 
  • Using new green energy as the main source of domestic and international energy source 
  • An unemployment rate of below 5% 
  • One digit inflation rate 
  • Growth of population into 100M 
  • The exponential growth of the digital economy 
  • The entrance of international companies and banks 
  • The entrance of international institutions and unions 
  • Growth of GDP per capita 
  • The entrance of AI-enabled communications and transportation infrastructure into Iran current infrastructure 

Bottom line: 


Iran has one of the most important and huge economies of the World with a great combination of natural, historic, cultural and human resources. The consumer market is growing rapidly, the population is growing fast and people here in Iran have highly modern and high expectations lifestyle and living standards. Currently, Iran using oil and gas as its main source of energy, has a 90M population most are highly educated and young and very welcoming. All of these factors together combined with amazing potential to receive international and domestic investment, skilled and cheap salary compare to all developed countries salaries human capital, strategic location guarantees new sources of energy as a main future source of energy, growth of digital economy and integration into World economy insures and guarantees Iran very bright future. With this great information presented here, we encourage you to experience this unique and magnificent country now by yourself. Just contact one of our travel experts to start your Iran exciting journey. Ready? 

2019/07/21   Mahdie Rezaee

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