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Top Ten Unique Features of Iran

Top Ten Unique Features of Iran

2019/07/17   Mahdie Rezaee

Traveling Iran is going to be one of your life's best decisions as you may know Iran is one of the most beautiful, ancient and important countries of the World. Situated at the part of the World known as the Middle East, this magnificent country has a lot to offer to any lucky traveler who has this opportunity to experience a unique country of Iran. In this article, I'm going to show you the top ten unique features of Iran which have made Iran a must in your list of the travel journey. I'm sure you are as excited as me so let's get started. 

One. Four Seasons Country: 


One of the main problems, when you decide to travel a country, is when is the best time to travel but with as Iran located at the most interesting location of the World this problem has no meaning when you want to travel here in Iran. Iran is a four seasons country and all over the year has the best weather and atmosphere so whenever you decide to travel Iran rest assured is the best time and you will experience Iran in its full potential. 


Two: Unique Culture: 


Iran has a rich history and culture and although the national language here is the Persian language people also all over the country have their local languages, customs, foods and clothes and this diversity is what makes Iran a great and interestingly unique country to visit and not to miss at all. 


Three: People: 


Although a historic and an ancient country, people of Iran are living a very modern lifestyle , mostly are young under 40 years old and are digital age born people with great knowledge of technology with knowledge of modern World and mostly educated and ambitious people very welcoming and warm to foreigners who have this opportunity to travel Iran. 


Four: Food: 


Here in Iran food is the most important delicious item you can find with this importance you may know that Iranian foods are one of the most delicious and famous foods in the World. In Iran you can find easily all local and international foods you may ever want but I suggest you experience local foods as these are the most delicious foods you will ever find anywhere in the World. 


Five: Location: 


Iran has been located at the center of the World, southwest part of Asia known as the Middle East and at the heart of the Middle East. This has made Iran the most important country of the World from a strategic point of view as Iran connects north to south, west to east, Europa to Asia and west into Asia pacific. 


Six: Attractions: 


Iran is full of historic, natural and modern attractions all around the country so when you are here you are actually at the Earth galley as you can experience a live history of over five thousand years of living people as a nation of Iran. Sure you will be amazed about Iran attractions. 


Seven: Modern: 


Iran is a very modern country, here you can find all the modern and super luxury shopping centers, malls, restaurants, coffee shops, parks and plazas you will ever wish and need alongside access to high-speed internet, modern transportation system and any other modern lifestyle assets like five-star hotels you will ever need. 


Eight: Clothing: 


People here wear modern cloth that you will see in all modern countries alongside they also wear their local clothes in their towns or villages which is very unique and interesting town by town and village by village. 


Nine: New Year: 


Iranian new year is known as " Nowroz Eve " starts at the start of the spring season and lasts for thirteen days and with this new year, people celebrate and see each other and their relatives and hope the best new year for each other. Streets are colorful and people are happier more than ever at this part of the year and the new year. 


Ten: Language: 


Persian is the national language of Iran but people of different parts of the country also speak their unique languages besides these people here are knowledgeable about English, Arabic and other World important languages so here in Iran you are sure to feel comfortable about your language and speaking. 


The Bottom Line


Iran with all these unique features and advantages is the best choice to be discovered by you and people here are going to welcome you warmly. By this article, I'm sure Iran will be your next travel destination. 



2019/07/17   Mahdie Rezaee

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