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An Introduction of Iran

An Introduction of Iran

2019/07/17   Mahdie Rezaee

Iran is a great country to experience a new type of World with a combination of modern and history, customs and the new era, great ancient people and new young people born in the digital age. Located at the center of the World known as the Middle East this huge and ancient country has a lot to offer to any lucky traveler who has this opportunity to experience Iran as a tourism or health tourism journey. In this article, we are going to get to know Iran as a country better to better and fully prepared to travel to Iran and understand this magnificent country. Are you ready to get to know Iran as a great and important country better for your next travel adventure? Then stay with me to get into know every aspect of this country together.

Where is Iran exactly?

Iran is located at the center of the World, known as the Middle East in the southwest part of the Asia continent. This location connects every part of the World, that's why it matters and has given Iran very strategic importance with an area of around 1648000 square kilometers, Iran is a big country as big as all western Europa.



Capital Of Iran & Important Cities:


Tehran which is located in the north of the country is the capital of Iran with a huge population of 20M, Tehran is a megacity and political, economic, cultural and work center of Iran generating 30% of the Iran GDP and 25% of the Iran population. Alongside Tehran as the capital of Iran, Tabriz, Shiraz, Mashhad, and Esfehan are other important and populated cities of Iran.



People Of Iran:


Iran's population is around 90M and this number is growing rapidly as a country is growing exponentially and evolving into a fully modern country. People are very warm and welcoming, mostly young and very educated equipped with great knowledge of the digital era and with nice knowledge of foreign languages all with different customs and cultures with the common language of Persian as the national language of Iran alongside their local languages, customs, clothes and foods, and beverages. Most of the population are under 40, 80% of the Iran population living in cities and all prefer and live with World modern lifestyle standards. Also, it's an interesting point to know that people of Iran are very active on the internet and social media platforms. You can expect highly modern living standards living a highly modern lifestyle, warm and welcoming atmosphere and with great safety and security when you travel to Iran.



The economy of Iran:


Iran is a huge country with a GDP of $400B and GDP per Capita of $5k annually. Including 1% of the World population with 10% of the World's natural resources. Modern communications and transportation infrastructure. Full of modern and luxury hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, local and international shopping centers, and restaurants. The main exports of Iran include oil, gas, natural resources, and minerals besides traditional foods and assets like carpet, pistachio and other original assets only available in Iran. Economic growth is around 2 to 3 percent and the economy is mainly managed by the government although private sectors also active too.



What To Expect From Traveling To Iran:


A very easy and fast process to receive Iran visa and flight to Iran

A very warm and welcoming people and atmosphere

Great and enjoyable weather all around the year

An amazing ancient country full of beautiful historic and natural sightseeings and attractions

Tehran as the megacity capital of Iran with a 20M daily population

Great security and safety comparable to countries like Switzerland and Norway

Very very low prices compare to other local and international countries

Fully modern people, infrastructure and facilities

People with all different customs, traditions, clothes, languages, foods, and beverages

Access to high-speed internet and modern transportation all day long



As travel and tourism are growing at an awesome speed now it's time to experience a country full of great experiences and adventures. Iran is a country combining all history and modern life has to offer from ancient historical sightseeings and views to amazing natural places to modern attractions with educated and welcoming people using latest technologies and living an ultra-modern lifestyle all with great safety and security and easy visa process and low fees and prices is ready to welcome you experience your once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope all this information help you get to know Iran better and be better prepared to travel to Iran and see for yourself what this magnificent country to you

2019/07/17   Mahdie Rezaee

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