let's know Iran economy better

A Look Into Iran Economy

A Look Into Iran Economy

2019/07/16   Mahdie Rezaee

Iran is one of the most important, historic, and biggest countries of the World with a huge population of 90 M locating at the most strategic location of the World known as a center of the World, With huge potential for growth to become a developed fully modern and wealthy country.

 In this article I 'm going to speak about Iran's economy and its features and benefits so if you love Iran, love to travel and experience Iran as a tourist or health tourist, stay with me to get to know Iran better from the economic point of view.

Iran Strategic Location:

Iran is an ancient country with history of over 2500 years of kingdom and documented history locating at the heart of the World at southwest of Asia continent known as Middle East which connecting west to east, Europa to Asia, north to south and west into Asia pacific, this location has given Iran a very strategic importance among all other countries of the Earth planet.



Iran Population:

Iran is a rapidly growing country with population of around 90M which is going to grow and is predicted to be 100M by 2050 also considering most of the country population is under 40 and educated with great knowledge about technology, there are a huge potential and market here in Iran and huge potential for any traveler to experience Iran fully.



Iran Gross Domestic Product (GDP):

Iran current GDP is around $400 billion which is growing 2 to 3 percent on average per year, but with this great potential and Iran capabilities this number can grow into trillions and make Iran of the three to five biggest economies of the World, also with this GPD, Iran GDP per capita is around $5k per year.



Iran Natural Resources:

Iran is consisting of 1% of the World population but with 10% of all World natural resources, this number has turned Iran into the wealthiest country of the World from a natural resources point of view. Considering these huge natural resources including oil, gas, minerals, and nature combined with human resources and the location of Iran, you can easily see the potential behind this which can turn Iran into a world superpower.



Inflation at Iran:

Compare to many advanced countries of the World, inflation in Iran is very high and double-digit but with liquidity and economical management of the central bank, this inflation is managed and reduced.



Unemployment Rate:

Due to the huge young population unemployment rate in Iran is around 20% which is why foreign investment and using all potentials fully matters which will help the young population to enter into World of work and increases Iran GDP exponentially.



Economic Opportunities for Iran:

Considering Iran population, location, and natural and human resources below are available economic opportunities for Iran

Turning into travel & tourism center of the Middle East, Asia and the World by full usage of Iran attraction and health tourism capabilities

Usage of Iran deserts for green energy generation and attraction destinations

Usage of technology and human capital for turning Iran into a production and services hub for the World




The Bottom Line:

Iran is a rapidly developing country with huge land, population, growth potential and modern infrastructure which with great leadership and management combined with full usage of all its competitive advantages can turn into a fully modern and developed country with the potential of becoming one of the world's superpowers. So if you are looking to travel a country with great culture and history, modern people and infrastructure, beautifully natural and historic attractions combined with delicious food and awesome pleasant weather all around the year, your best choice is Iran which is beating at the heart of the World. Here is a summary of all you need to know about Iran & its economy:


Locating at the heart of the World known as the Middle East, southwest of Asia continent connecting west to east, and north to south


The population of around 90M with most below 40 years old, 80% living in modern cities and with great knowledge of technology


The population is going to grow into 100M by 2050


Around 80% of the population has access to high-speed internet and are fully active online


With one percent of the population, Iran has ten percent of all World natural resources


GDP of Iran is $400B and economic growth on average is around 2 to 3 percent with GDP Per Capita of $5k per year


Inflation is double-digit but managed by a central bank


The unemployment rate is around 20%


Potential of exponential growth is infinite


With a great atmosphere, four seasons of the year is awesome to travel Iran


Iran is full of great hotels, historic and ultra-modern shopping centers, restaurants and luxury enjoyable places


2019/07/16   Mahdie Rezaee

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