Tehran, the heart of Iran

Is Tehran a beautiful capital?

Is Tehran a beautiful capital?

2019/07/03   Mahdie Rezaee

There are a lot of metropolitan cities around the world that account for a significant proportion of the world population. One of the most important metropolises in Asia and even in the world is Tehran, the capital of Iran. Every year many tourists from all over the world enter this city to visit Iran’s Attractions. during their vacation, most of them spend one or more days in Tehran.

many people from other countries do not have any information about Tehran and its attractions. We want to answer the main questions about this capital city and introduce its attractions. Is Tehran a beautiful capital? This is the most important question for tourists and knowing the answer will help so many.


A modern city in the heart of the Middle East

unlike what the media shows about Iran, the country and more specifically the capital city Tehran, are among the most modern countries and cities in the region and the Asia continent.

There are lots of luxury & modern skyscrapers, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, spectacular bridges & resorts in the city which are newly built with the latest methods of architecture.

Most of them might be very attractive for foreign tourists especially nature Bridge and Milad Tower.

over the recent years, In order to improve the infrastructures of the tourism industry in the city, so many modern hotels have been built. Some of them are still under construction. Even a hotel in Fereshteh district of Tehran is being constructed based on a plan that is designed by a famous international architect, Zaha Hadid. When the construction is completed, it will become one of the most beautiful buildings in Tehran.


Natural attractions of Tehran

There are a lot of parks inside and around Tehran that are considered as the main Natural attractions of the city. The most famous parks in Tehran are Lavizan Forest Park, Sorkheh Hesar Forest Park, Chitgar Forest Park, Mellat Park, Saei Park, and Qeytarieh Park.

The Alborz mountain range is also located in the northern part of Tehran, and there are many peaks for recreation in the area, skiing and winter sports. The most famous mountains of Tehran are Tochal & Kolak Chal.

In the winter, so many tourists travel to Tehran to ski in Tochal, Dizin & Shemshak ski resorts.

In addition, there are some waterfalls in Tehran and the most famous one is Abshar Dogholu.



Museums are the most attractive places of metropolises around the world. there are also several museums with a wide range of variety in Tehran. The National Jewelry Treasury, Golestan Palace, Sadabaad Palace, Moghadam Museum, Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran, Reza Abbasi Museum, National Museum of Iran, Tehran Museum of the Contemporary Art, Carpet Museum of Iran, Cinema Museum, Negarestan Garden, Time Museum, Malek National Library and Museum, Iranian Art Museum Garden, Music Museum, The Post & Communications Museum, Vaziri Caved Museum, Green Palace Museum, Omidvar Brothers Museum, Bank Melli Iran Museum, Masoudieh palace, Museum of Iranian Dolls and Culture, Golkar Art Gallery, Farmanfarma Gallery, Darabad Museum of Natural History, The Minatare Garden Park of Tehran, Saadabad Palace, Master Behzad Museum, Artak Manukian Museum, Royal Costume Museum, International Arts Museum, Farsh'chian Museum, Fine Arts Museum, Royal Cars Museum, Tehran Biodiversity Museum, Home museum of modares, Water Museum & Master Mir-Emad Calligraphy Museum are among main museums of Tehran. Tehran has the highest number of museums in comparison to most capitals around Asia. 


Tehran historic attractions

The last thing that is mentioned in this article to prove that Tehran is a beautiful capital, is its historic attractions. Many tourists are interested in visiting some historic places in their trips. There are so many historic places and buildings which are always crowded by tourists in Tehran.

The Grand Bazaar is one of the most popular historic places in Tehran. Bazaar has been the main shopping center of the city for several decades.

Today some people still buy their needs from Bazaar. But foreign tourists usually visit Bazaar not only to buy Souvenirs but also to visit old and historic parts of the district.

Almost every day, we can find a lot of photographers in Bazaar taking photos from its attractions, especially old buildings. Architecture fans from all over the world may find so many elements of Iranian traditional architecture there.

2019/07/03   Mahdie Rezaee

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