arrangement for very first visit to Iran

How many days are enough for the first time?

How many days are enough for the first time?

2019/07/03   Mahdie Rezaee

When you are going to visit a new country or city, you might think that one or two weeks are enough, But it is a little bit complicated.

 You should consider so many factors such as:

where do you want to go? Cities or suburbs?

What do you want to see?

Is it a getaway trip or a discovery trip?

Do you have friends and family there?

Because we don't want to make things confusing for you, that’s why we are going to explain that within this text.


Variety of Iran attractions for different tastes

As you may know, Iran is a four-season country with a wide range of climate variability. So in each season of the year, there are Specific choices for every different taste when visiting Iran.

For example, in the winter, a lot of people prefer to travel to ski resorts. So Shiraz, Ardabil, and Tehran might be the best choices for their trip.

But some other people would rather travel to a warm area and want to be away from cold and even frigid winters.

South of Iran, especially the Qeshm and Kish islands are the best options for them.


In each season of the year, we can find a lot of places in the country with completely different and unusual weather and climate. So it is really attractive for Foreign tourists to travel throughout the country and see this interesting variety of weather.

So the number of days you are going to stay depends on your traveling interest.

For example, if you want to visit Iran in the winter and you prefer to be far from cold weather, you must manage a trip to the southern cities of the country. At least you should choose Kish, Qeshm, Ahvaz and Shushtar for your trip Schedule.

So you must search for their attractions and get some guidance from experts in order to decide how many days are enough for visiting any of these cities.

Finding experts to get information about trip destinations used to be very difficult, but it is so much easier today because of the information available on the internet.


Jet Lag and daytime in Iran

Depending on where you are coming from, you might be up to 24h in the air or on the way, and based on jet lag (Tehran is GMT+4:30) you will be ready after a one-day full rest.


As we mentioned in “5 reasons to visit Iran”, the earliest the sun goes down is around 5:30 P.M in the winter (which is generally Dec 21th the Yalda Night) and almost 9 P.M. in the summer (which is generally June 21st).

So one full day is enough to recover from your trip.


When you travel to Iran, you may travel to cities such as Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, and the north coast cities.

You may need to spend more time in Isfahan than in the other cities where the average of three days is enough. Since Isfahan used to be the capital of Iran, there you will find more sites to visit such as historical monuments and bridges.

All in all, Iran has too many places to visit in one trip. You may need to have more than one trip to Iran to be able to visit the major tourist attraction sites.


Travel ways in Iran

airplanes, buses, and rented or private cars are the most common ways of communication between cities. in cities like Tehran and Isfahan, there is metro or subways but thanks to technology we also have Iranian uber which is called Snapp. (Quick note: there is also snap food that is an application which you can order food online and it will be delivered to you wherever you are)

Some roads are dry, some are very green, and some are mountainous which needs a skilled driver.

So depending on your choice of transportation, you can be on your way for half a day or less than 3 hours. you can always rent a new car in a new city or rent a cab for a couple of hours.


So overall, if you want to visit two or three main cities of the country, you will need ten days at least.

2019/07/03   Mahdie Rezaee

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