Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling Iran

Here in this list, we have put together the frequently asked questions about traveling Iran. If you have any questions about your Iran travel, just contact us and our experts will be more than happy to answer your questions and guide you about your Iran travel.

1: Do women visitors have to follow the Iran dress code?
Yes, Iran has some dress code about Women and it should be followed. Head, neck and forearm and shoulders must be covered fully or partially. Of course, there is no limitation about color and beautiful colors are encouraged to wore by women.
2: Do men visitors have to follow the Iran dress code?
For men, dress code is an international dress code also it's expected for men not to wear short trousers in public places in Iran.
3: Is it allowed to drink alcohol in Iran?
No, carrying and drinking alcohol in Iran is not allowed and is illegal in Iran.
For some citizens which they religion allows it's allowed to make their alcohol drinks in Iran.
4: What is the currency in Iran?
The official currency in Iran is Rial. But the public mostly uses Toman as their speaking about Iran currency.
5: Is the water in Iran safe?
Yes. Iran has one of the highest qualities and clean waters of the World. Also, there are mineral waters in Iran which is very clean, high quality and very low price.
6: Is international and vegetarian food available in Iran?
Yes, of course. Iran has a lot of great hotels and restaurants in which all types of foods and drinks from western foods to east Asian foods to traditional Iranian foods, plates of seafood, and vegetarian foods and drinks are being served.
7: Is the Iranian food spicy?
No; Iranian food is like Mediterranian food in terms of spice taste and is very appropriate and moderate and is not like spicy Indian foods.
8: Is there a reliable internet in Iran?
Yes, of course. All over Iran has access to high-speed internet. The communications infrastructure is very modern and superb in Iran.
9: Is it allowed to smoke in Iran?
Yes, it's allowed to smoke in Iran. And for some places, there is a sign about not to smoke.
10: Do all Iranians know English to speak with tourists?
Like all World countries, not all people know English, but most of the young people know English and are happy to speak with international tourists.
11: Is public transportation available for Iran travelers?
Yes, of course. Iran has a modern and superb public transportation infrastructure. Abd taxis, buses, subways, trains, and airplanes are all fully available in Iran.
12: Are there English newspapers and English tv channels available in Iran?
Yes. There are some English newspapers and English tv channels in Iran media. Of course, you have access to satellite and high-speed internet so you access everything you want to like your own home country.
13: Is the power supply 220 volts, 50 cycle AC available in Iran?
Yes, it is available in Iran.
14: Are communications services reliable in Iran?
Yes, it is. Iran has a very modern and great reliable communications infrastructure.
15: Can women drive in Iran?
Yes, they can.
16: Is an international driving license accepted in Iran?
Yes, it is.
17: Are Iranian roods in good condition & do all cities have an airport?
Yes, Iran roads and streets are in very good condition. And rather all cities have their local airports.
18: Is it possible to pay by credit card in Iran?
Yes, hotels and restaurants accept credit cards. Also, e-commerces accept credit cards. Also, you can have an Iranian credit card to enable you to shop from everywhere you want.
19: Where can I exchange currencies in Iran?
At airports, five stars hotels and banks you can exchange all major international currencies.
20: Is it allowed to take Persian carpet as a souvenir?
Yes, you can take two pieces of rugs and each with 6 square meters with yourself.
21: Is Iran safe to travel?
Yes, it is. Iran is one of the safest countries in the world to travel and live.
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