About Us

Setareh Vanak is a progressive travel agency that offers its clients Iran visa services, Iran hotel services and a wide variety of Iran tours to enjoy traveling in Iran.
Services and products provided by SETAREH VANAK include travel consolation, pre-arranged tour, custom packages, reservations for lodging rental cars and rail passage.
The value-added of SETAREH VANAK’s offering is its knowledge and expertise, competitive rates and specialty focus on cultural travel, which translates into increased satisfaction for the customer.
SETAREH VANAK members include distinguished tour guides, travel experts, educators and conservationists that have more than 20 years of experience.
Our team is all experienced and knowledgeable about frames and the industry we serve. They are always willing to give and advice information you may require and they will attend to your queries and booking in a fast, efficient and courteous manner.
They also have extensive experience in tailor-made tours, so if you have special interests or wish to visit paces not visited on our scheduled tour, they would be happy to customize a tour suit your needs.

Our mission
Representing Iran’s wealthy culture to travel lovers.
Improve the Strict implementation of tourism principles. The consent of all the passengers who travel with us and leaving pleasant memories as well.

Our vision
To provides superior travel and tour services with a focus on customer satisfaction, within the best competitive prices.

Our Services
Organizing and coordinating a variety of tours designed to suit the interests of customers, to display the pristine landscapes and natural wonders of Iran.
Efficient hotel reservation system, which let you have a vast range of choices hence coordinating and providing appropriate services along with the conferences and international exhibition in Iran.
Car rental, transfer, and visa applications are also included in our services.

Why us?
An exciting travel experience Iran is the treasure of the history and art where you will find yourself fund of every moment of your travel.
You should pack your bags for a journey that you are going to be involved in something dreamy and unforgettable we are planning for you.
Complete and exceptional services you have to be equipped with Providing the best travel service in Iran including accommodation, transportation, transfer, professional tour guide, local guide, and trained drivers.
Committed experts within the travel field Each member of our team is in love with traveling and they are truly the most professional experts in the entire country and regarding your demands, they are going to propose, design and support your journey in every step of the way.
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