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Entering Iran needs a visa depending on your type of visit. Iranian visa is divided into 3 types: transit, commercial, and tourist visa. Your passport must be available for more than 6 months too.

Iran accommodation

Accommodation in Iran ranges from 5 star hotels with high quality rooms and luxury facilities to lower level ones and guest houses.

Tailor-made tour

These specialized tours can be organized based on your specific requirements and you can have your own travel package too.

Transfer Services

One of our agency's valuable services for our very valued and great customers, who are international travelers love to travel and experience Iran, are transfer services.
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SETAREH VANAK agency has been our partner to supporting various French companies delegations organizations. Perfect service, pro activity and reactivity when needed, customer oriented, this agency makes you feeling at home and comfortable during your stay in Iran whatever for business or leisure.
Didier Hedin
Our trip was an amazing experience! Setareh Vanak planned our days full of wonderful activities helping us learning about the local culture and history. We had good accommodations. The tour guide was knowledgeable and my wife and I like to travel with them again.
Mr. /Mrs. Wnendt
trip to Iran is an interesting experience, with so many contradictory aspects of a multi-faceted society Palaces, mosques, gardens of 1000 and one night , Lut desert, the salt river, the colors of the sunset ,the island of Qeshm …all of them are unforgettable moments which were created by Setareh vanak travel agency.
There has been some problem, but reviewing the photos of those magnificent places renews the strong emotion experienced during the trip. We walked much less than expected in a vast country that hides unspoilt nature and a millenary culture full of contradictions.
Dear all, Iran is one of the safest places in the world /a country which everyone must experience and visit the kindness of people besides the historical sites. If anyone wants to do a trip in this wonderland, Setareh Vanak travel agency is one of the best ways to arrange everything for you.
P. Dugast
Excellent trip! There was a lot to see and learn and enjoy!
We took a tour with Setareh Vanak travel agency, we experienced real Iran. Highly recommended to those who wish to travel to Iran
About Setareh Vanak

Setareh Vanak is a progressive travel agency that offers its clients Iran visa services, Iran hotels services and a wide variety of Iran tours to enjoy traveling in Iran.
Services and products provided by SETAREH VANAK include travel consolation, pre-arranged tour, custom packages, reservations for lodging rental cars and rail passage.
The value added of SETAREH VANAK’s offering is its knowledge and expertise, competitive rates and specialty focus on cultural travel, which translates into increased satisfaction for the customer.
SETAREH VANAK members include distinguished tour guides, travel experts, educators and conservationists that has more than 20 years of experience.
Our team is all experienced and knowledgeable about frames and industry we service. They are always willing to give and advice information you may require and they will attend to your queries and booking in a fast, efficient and courteous manner.
They also have extensive experience in tailor making tours, so if you have special interests or wish to visit paces not visited on our scheduled tour, they would be happy to customize a tour suit your needs.
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